Timmy Timmy teaches Traditional Thai Massage(Northern style, Wat Po style, Lanna style) from 1day to 10days in Chiang Mai of Thailand for more than 15 years.
There are also the course of Foot massage, Oil massage, Tok Sen(Wooden hammer massage), Baby massage, Pregnancy massage, Acupressure point massage and Ruesri Dat Ton(Thai yoga)

The place she teaches at behind of her home in a nature.
Course fee is including a textbook, lunch or dinner a day and transport to her home.
Certificate is given to more than 5days Thai massage course and 2 or 3days the other courses.

For more information, please contact Timmy directly at Timmy on facebook or timmykbar@hotmail.com

Course Offering

Thai massage

Thai massage

1day to 10days.

Famous Thai massage for whole body.
Follow on the nerve line(called SEN), do palm press and stretch.
Foot massage

Foot massage


Thai style foot massage for foot and lower leg.
Push or slide using thumb and wooden stick.
Wooden stick is given for free.
Oil massage

Oil massage

2days to 3days.

Relaxation massage for whole body with oil.
Aroma oil massage course is also available.
Spinal relax massage

Spinal relax massage


Oil massage for your back pain, lower back pain and losen tendon next spine by shaking lower back.
herb massage

Herbal massage


From making herbal ball to massage for whole body.

Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care(U-fai)


Special harbal ball, Salt pot, Harbal scrub, Steam Sauna and Hot brick.

Tok Sen

Tok Sen

2days(Basic) or 4days(Basic + Advance).
3000B/2days 6000B/4days
Small hammer 300B Big hammer 600B

Traditional Wooden hammer massage in north region.
Deep vibration to inside body.
Basic and Advance courses are available.
TokSen hammer and healing art

Herbal Products Making

Herbal Products Making


Making a Natural Herbal shampoo, soap, balm, face scrub and mask with Thai herbs.
Herbal products class with Timmy
Fruits curving

Fruits Carving


Fruits carving, very unique tradition in Thailand.
You can carve any seasonal fruits or vegetables.
Good for party and special occasion.
Thaicooking class with TIMMY
Fruit carving Art of Thai -Chiangmai

Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga

1day to 5days.

Thai Yoga(called Ruesri Dat Ton) is a posture like a famous Indian Yoga.
Keeping your body healthy.
Other courses: Baby massage and Pregnancy massage are also available.


Timmy teach the class in her home.
Please E-mail or call directly, Timmy pick you up by car to city center.
Feel free ask anything at anytime :)
(* The Timmy's bar in Loi Kroh Rd. is closed now.)

Home address: 140 M.5 Maehea A.Muang Chiangmai Thailand
Facebook: Timmy Kaossaard
E-mail: timmykbar@hotmail.com
Mobile: (+66) 089-8382967
Class Practice


Timmy's Guesthouse There are a lot of guesthouse in Chiang Mai, especially around the Thapae Gate.
Timmy also prepares a guesthouse for student 200Bahts/day(about $6US.) at her home.

Timmy's home is 15 minuts from city center by car.
If you stay at her guesthouse, Timmy pick/drop you up/off by car.